About Us

Sağlamcılar Forestry Products Inc., which started its business activity with the sale of veneer and timber, has been bringing quality and elegance to its consumers in line with the needs of modern life for more than half a century. Starting its journey to be the best in the sector, Sağlamcılar  takes an important role in the market with its experienced and qualified staff.

The increasing competitive environment in the country's economy has made the need to create strong brands, more important than ever for manufacturers. Sağlamcılar started to produce PVC membrane Shutters under the brand of Maspower, which presents products that meet sectoral demands with its achievements in a short time. Maspower's sole goal is to be the consumer's primary brand, to ensure sustainable profitability and to have an important role in international market.

Since its start of production in 2004, it has produced quality and aesthetically oriented products with its high-tech, fully automatic production and paint line, and has made customer satisfaction a priority. Since stepping into the sector, MasPower has signed partnerships with large companies to meet the demands of the growing construction sector with its high quality unique designs.

MasPower, which delivers its production volume of 1500 sqm to 70,000 sqm of facility area today; It is one of the leading companies that follows the demands and technological developments of the sector. While climbing these steps of success, Sağlamcılar maintained its stable line and financial credibility; With its young, dynamic, talented and professional staff, combining its experience and quality, it has managed to make a name for itself with its 45,000 sqm indoor production line and 850 employees with its unique designs both in domestic and international market.